Lunette Charity Work

Lunette has been active in charity work for many years. We have helped thousands of women all around the world by providing them a menstrual cup and health education. 

The Cup -project – Kenya

The Cup project started in 2015 in Kibera, one of the biggest slums in Nairobi, Kenya. The Cup educates girls, helps them with their changing bodies and provides them with a menstrual cup. The project consists of four one hour sessions where girls get sexual and health education, and they can ask whatever questions they have in mind. The biggest problem for school girls in Kenya is the lack of proper sanitary protection. Most girls miss one week per every month because of their periods, and eventually they will drop out from school earlier than boys. Together with The Cup Foundation Lunette wants to change this! We want to keep girls at school and teach them to understand and respect their own bodies better. 

The Cup Keniassa


In 2014 group of women sailed over the Atlantic with a mission to find out the environmental status of the ocean. The birth story of eXXpedition; a boat crew of scientist women with a passion for learning how plastics, chemicals and carcinogens affect us and the planet. These women combine adventure, science and research. 

Now they have done four legs and 2016 will bring three more! Lunette supported the sailing trip on Amazon, and will also be part of the Caribbean sail. 

Lava Mae Project - USA

Homelessness is a constantly growing problem - especially in the big cities in United States. More and more often this problem also involves women and for a women it is even more difficult. Imagine if you had to live on the street, without a place to clean yourself and maintain your personal hygiene.

Doniece Sandoval, the founder of Lava Mae decided to change this. Lava Mae Project acquired an old bus that was transformed into a mobile bathroom where homeless women can wash themselves and their clothes. Lunette donated 10% of sales in United States during the campaign to Lava Mae Project and provided menstrual cups to homeless women to be distributed at Lava Mae bus.

Lava Mea -projekti auttaa kodittomia naisia

The Red Pump Project - USA

During Holiday season 2014, Lunette and The Red Pump Project joined forces to start the conversation regarding HIV and AIDS. The Red Pump Project is a foundation in United States, working for an open discussion about the effects of HIV and AIDS on women and girls and also educating about sexual health.

Their work matters because:

  • every 47. minute a woman tests positive for HIV in the United States
  • HIV is the leading cause of death amongst african-american women between the ages of 25 and 34 
  • When HIV affects one of us, it affects us all

During our campaign Lunette donated 10 % of sales in the United States to support The Red Pump Project.

The Red Pump Project

Yennenga Progress – Burkina Faso

Lunette started cooperation with the Swedish Yennenga Progress in the year 2014. Yennenga Progress launched a project to educate the school girls in Burkina Faso and Lunette provided menstrual cups for the girls. Yennenga staff members educated the girls about the cup use, cup cleaning and made sure that the girls´ schools could offer them a hygienic place to empty and sanitize the cup. The first trial period 2014 was a success so Lunette and Yennenga Progress have continued their cooperation ever since.

Yennenga Progress ja Lunette-kupit Burkina Fasossa

Women’s Empowering Radio – Uganda

Year 2014 Lunette worked together with a Finnish association Etnia ry to donate menstrual cups to women in Uganda. The venture was a part of Women’s Empowering Radio Project, financed by the Finnish Foreign ministry, to develop and establish the operation of a female radio station MAMA FM. Lunette menstrual cups were donated to the women working on the radio station, so that they would get to know the product and spread the knowledge about menstrual cups in Uganda. UMWA, the society behind MAMA FM, also educates women about e.g. sexual health. The volunteers from Etnia informed the women how to use and clean the menstrual cup and the feedback from this project was very enthusiastic and positive. 


Picture taken by: Tommi Laitinen

Miehet ja naiset tutustuvat Lunette-kuukuppeihin

Kate Brooks – Kenya

Kate Brooks, an American woman, moved from Texas to Nakuru, Kenya with her family in 2005. Her goal was to help local girls and women. Kate and her husband have 5 biological children and 9 orphan girls that they provide for.  Kate´s family organization focuses on securing the local food supply, easing the conditions of people affected with AIDS, educating girls and women about health and donating menstrual cups to local women.

Lunette has donated menstrual cups through Kate´s network since 2012. While providing menstrual cups, Kate also educates women to know more about their own anatomy, about sexual health and hygiene. A menstrual cup makes a big difference in poor conditions where the money spent on menstrual hygiene products is out of money spent on food for the family. Thanks to Lunette menstrual cup, women can buy meat for their family instead of pads.

Keniassa tutustuttiin Lunette-kuukuppeihin

World Vision Finland - Kenya

The first ever Lunette project in the developing countries was through World Vision Finland in 2010. 

Together with World Vision Finland Lunette implemented a Christmas Campaign and donated washable canvas pads to women and girls in Sook, Kenya. Lunette helped to educate the women on how to manufacture washable pads for themselves by using local materials. Lunette provided the patterns and instructions along with some materials. We wanted to help the women in rural Sook area to create locally sustainable development. Together with WV Finland we enabled the women to have access to healthy menstrual hygiene products, supported the girls to stay in schools and created a way for the women to have an income by manufacturing pads for other women.

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